Technical design
151743 TFLA4.8 6,4 5,9 4,8 1,6
151745 TFLA4.8-9003 6,4 5,9 4,8 1,6
151747 TFLA6.4 8 8 6,4 1,6
151749 TFLA6.4-9003 8 8 6,4 1,6
151751 TFLA8 9,5 10 8 1,6
151753 TFLA8-9003 9,5 10 8 1,6
151755 TFLA9.5 12 10,3 9,5 3,2
151757 TFLA9.5-9003 12 10,3 9,5 3,2
151759 TFLA11 13,5 10,3 11,1 3,2
151761 TFLA11-9003 13,5 10,3 11,1 3,2
151763 TFLA12.7 14,6 10,3 12,7 3,2
151765 TFLA12.7-9003 14,6 10,3 12,7 3,2
151767 TFLA14.3 16,7 10,3 14,3 3,2
151769 TFLA14.3-9003 16,7 10,3 14,3 3,2
151771 TFLA15.9 18,2 10,3 15,9 3,2
151773 TFLA15.9-9003 18,2 10,3 15,9 3,2
151775 TFLA17.5 20 10,3 17,5 3,2
151777 TFLA17.5-9003 20 10,3 17,5 3,2
151779 TFLA19 23,2 10,3 19 3,2
151781 TFLA19-9003 23,2 10,3 19 3,2
151783 TFLA20 22,6 11,5 20 2,5
151785 TFLA20-9003 22,6 11,5 20 2,5
151787 TFLA20.6 22,6 10,3 20,6 3,2
151789 TFLA20.6-9003 22,6 10,3 20,6 3,2
151791 TFLA22.2 28,6 11,5 22,2 3,2
151793 TFLA22.2-9003 28,6 11,5 22,2 3,2
151795 TFLA25 29,8 11,5 25 2,5
151797 TFLA25-9003 29,8 11,5 25 2,5
151799 TFLA25.4 30,6 11,5 25,4 3,2
151801 TFLA25.4-9003 30,6 11,5 25,4 3,2
151803 TFLA30 33,3 11,5 30 3,2
151805 TFLA30-9003 33,3 11,5 30 3,2
151807 TFLA35 38 11,5 35 3,2
151809 TFLA35-9003 38 11,5 35 3,2

Where to buy snap plug for metal panel?

If you are looking for Plugs or if you are looking for a particular type of Plug model then you are on the right site because Panozzo has an almost infinite series of all types of holes protection to satisfy all users.

Strong point is the website, which is structured according to the use of products such as snap plug for metal panel and images Plugs in plastic well in evidence.

The site allows the customer and/or potential customer to find very easily and quickly the plastic Plug that he needs.

In a logic of technical support and economic ethics, we evaluate and recommend the type of Plug in plastic more suitable for the customer.

The Panozzo goal is to help companies make purchases as economically as possible. For this reason, we are not only seen as a vendor but as one who proposes individual solutions to solve problems related to holes protection. A big potential to increase efficiency and productivity is the organization of the purchase of Plugs in plastic because of low commodity value but having a huge impact on management costs in relation to total purchases of Materials needed, especially with frequent orders.

Our flexible service proposes, according to the customer's needs, the organization, consulting or full management (order / purchase) of holes protection.

The plastic Plugs found in the catalog are available in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible, because it is essential for us that every customer receives the plastic Plug to do their job as soon as possible.

From Panozzo you can find plastic Plugs for road signs and photovoltaic signage and for the automotive sector. Panozzo has always been the reference partner for the development of advanced holes protection solutions.

Very often the closure of holes on sheet metal is needed. Finding the solution is very simple for Panozzo because we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of plastic Plugs.

It is very important to to close any holes on machinery or other protection protection from dirt, dust, and moisture. In this case you always try to find an economical solution with a plastic Plug quick to insert and remove.

Finding the plastic Plug hole cover of the right size for the closure of a hole in sheet metal is very easy. Just measure the diameter of the hole to to close, go to the Panozzo site in the closure holes and click on the image of the selected Plug. The header of the columns in the dimensional table corresponds to the letters found on the technical drawing. You just have to choose the plastic Plug code.

The type of Plug to use depends on the purpose, and for this reason Panozzo proposes both plastic Plugs with high aesthetic value and plastic Plugs economical and fast to apply.

If you need a Plug hole cover for furniture or for window frames, on our site, you can find various aesthetic Plugs that make your case, in the closure holes section.

Very often the same plastic Plug can be used for different purposes such as, for example, for or circular molded cases or for poles of protection for pipes.

The use of Plugs of protection against polluting, dirty or moisture agents during shipment or storage is very important because it avoids damage to the product and therefore costs of maintenance. In holes protection you can request a sample of the Plug you want to test.

When speaking about of protection for threaded pipes it can mean the inside or male. This is not a problem because Panozzo has both Plugs male and Plugs female.

The company has a wide range of thread Plugs for protection threaded. Our plastic Plugs can be used to protect threads metric from M8 to M52, 1/8 "to 3" GAS or threads (threads) UNF 5/16 " 2.1 / 2 ".

The Panozzo Plugs are made of different materials depending on the use. For example, for varnishing you can use a silicone or Epd or polyethylene Plug. Measurements range from 0.5 mm to over 100 mm

Have you ever thought how much time is lost in the production of a Plug in solder iron on tubolar? Using of plastic finned plastic is the fastest, easiest, and most economical solution.

How to request holes protection?

To request holes protection, click on the Plug image of your interest. You can select one or more Plugs and, after finishing the selection, click on the link to check the selections and submit the request. We remind you that if you are already a customer of Panozzo or have already requested samples, you can access the ARENA CUSTOMERS, thus avoiding having to enter all your personal data.

How to apply for asnap plug for metal panel?

If you have to apply for a quote click on the snap plug for metal panel and then on the code that interests you. Click on the icon to the left of the code: Plug is inserted into the cart. Click on the display to display the shopping cart, indicate the amount of Plugs required and complete all the data on the Master Card if you are not already a customer, otherwise enter user and password.
If you have to add another Plug of the category holes protection or else, click the green arrow back to the products.

Want to download the PDF catalog of the holes protection family?

You can download the updated PDF catalog of plastic Plugs of your interest from the main page of holes protection or the CATALOG CATALOG PDF section of our site The catalog shows the image, design and material of production and the size of the plastic Plug that you find on the site.

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