Searching for washers?

Panozzo has an almost endless array of all types of washers to meet the needs of all users.

The site www.panozzosrl.com allows customers and/or potential clients to easily and quickly find the washer of plastic it needs.

A strong point is the website: www.panozzosrl.com, which is structured according to the use of products such washers and with the images of the plastic parts well in evidence.

From the site www.panozzosrl.com, you can request free samples of washers, offers on plastic washers for screws and/or PDF catalog of fixing elements which exclude the use of metal.

Panozzo not only manages parts of plastic, but can also make in plastic by customer design, for small lots.

Utilized materials also of plastic such as washers and Teflon which are required fixing elements which exclude the use of metal.

Often, for various technical and safety requirements, there is the obligation to eliminate potential electrical conductors and then one must to use alternative materials such as plastic, which guarantees the same mechanical properties of metals but without having their negative characteristics.

The production of washers is made almost exclusively in PA 6.6. This material is a polyamide belonging to the family of the most popular thermoplastic washers with nomenclature, great for fixing elements which exclude the use of metal. For particular uses it can be assessed by the production of washer Teflon

Where to use washers

Panozzo provides washers as a solution in various sectors. In the washers section of the site www.panozzosrl.com you can find the fasteners in plastic for mechanics, the washer as spare parts for body work, the parts for the boating, the fasteners for the modeling or plastic washers for screws for automotive.

If you need circles fasteners in plastic for modeling articles, all your needs are met with Panozzo's selections of washers.

Our washers are able to provide solutions for various sectors such as for signage and road signs, for photovoltaic or for the automotive sector.

The fixing elements which exclude the use of metal Panozzo can be used in commercial vehicles and for the installation of industrial vehicles, for which it is essential to ease the installation.

Panozzo's plastic washers for screws have as their main features the lightness that absorbs the strong vibrations in the most opportune way without unscrewing, are difficult to break and thanks to their elasticity they are resistant to any kind of shock.

Where to find washers

If you are looking plastic washers for screws, fasteners in washers to drive parts of plastic for the body or for the preparation of the vehicles you will definitely find all in the site category washers. When it comes to washer in plastic it is expected to be a major commodity for the repair of a car because it's not easy to find. Thanks to our careful attention to product quality, you will have fasteners of plastic both viable and efficient. Browse the category washers and find the parts in plastic for the body that you need most.

The use of plastic washers for screws is provided for vans, for trucks, for vehicles, for trailers,for buses and for coaches.

There are many uses for washers in plastic of a vehicle: to create fixing elements which exclude the use of metal and they can withstand vibrations. In addition, the parts in plastic must be able to withstand atmospheric agents and also ensure the fastening of thin sheet metal.

For the realization of exhibitors assembled with washers or interlocking, washers are also used.

So if you are searching for fixing elements which exclude the use of metal automotive or for the electronics industry or for the electrical industry, do not hesitate to ask for samples of our offers or fasteners in plastic.

The washers are in the car, on the shelves, in furniture, machinery, in the home fixtures, household appliances, computer and therefore almost anywhere you find parts in plastic

Panozzo has a more than 700 square meters of warehouse space.

From Panozzo you can find washers for signs, road signs, washers for photovoltaics, fasteners in plastic for the automotive sector. Panozzo has always been the preferred partner for the development of advanced solutions for all types of fixing elements which exclude the use of metal.

The fasteners in plastic, for example washer of plastic, is used especially in those cases in which the elements are subjected to strong corrosion for long periods, in which even hardened steel is unable to withstand. It also has good elastic properties that can provide adequate resistance to vibrations.

It is possible to be connected in an appropriate manner between those elements of plastic, using plastic washers for screws that are not easily subject to wear, assuming you do not reach high temperatures which are higher than 100 ° C:, in this case that would cause significant deformation preventing them from fulfilling their main task properly. In this case you have to think about using other materials such as Teflon.

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